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In order to be successful you have to believe in yourself. Once you do, you will have the power to reach your dreams. Yoga has been a major part of my life for over 13+  years, and I am not shy to tell you how much stronger, more flexible, and fearless it has made me both on and off the mat. During my yoga journey, I was an unhealthy and unhappy person both physically, and mentally, but yoga had inspired me to be the change I wanted in my life,  health, and wellness. Most importantly, yoga taught me how to love myself first.  After completing a 200 hour training in Costa Rica with Multi-style Yoga International I decided to pursue a full time career away from my oil and gas job, and I have never felt more passionate about where I am at in life. I dove straight into a full time life of leading yogis through the same path of love and growth that transformed my life. Yoga made me face my fears and it continues to do so.

This program scared the SHIT out of me but sometimes thats what it takes to want something different in your life right?

My ultimate aim is to help people feel comfortable in their own skin, get down, look deep within to themselves to discover their true self and of course get on the mat more. I love to combine creative sequencing that gets you out of your head and out of your comfort zone. I am known for more personal hands on touch as I give lots of adjustments to help relax and possibly take you to a deeper level by nurturing your body, mind, and soul. I realized shortly after a year of teaching I wanted to go back to school and thus began my journey in Massage Therapy. I was straight up scared, would I fail, would I suck at it, or would I be a rockstar?   Well I graduated its offical I am a  CERTIFIED RMT. This program scared the SHIT out of me  but sometimes thats what it takes to want something different in your life right? I am grateful because it has deepened my love for the human connection in both fields that I am very passionate about.

This plays an important role in my teaching and how I would like to introduce you to TOUCH + RELEASE a restorative and yin style practice with  massage adjustments, which open you up to a higher relaxation.  Adding my personal touch to each class, literally ; ) My mission is to make each person to feel refreshed and balanced as they step off the mat. My two passions melding into one, you will always leave feeling refreshed, nourished, balanced, and so loved when you step off the mat.

As humans we are wired to connect with ourselves and others. In order to do this we must first fill ourselves with love and spiritual connection. If we feel that slip away it can seem like emptiness, leading us to pull from different outlets: material items, self medicating or drawing the spirit from others which leaves us feeling more depleted than before. As we learn to take responsibility for our own well-being we open the door to infinite self love. We can then share this love with others; creating fulfillment in our lives. Touch and release is an experience that will allow you to reconnect, ground, and open your heart to new possibilities.

Jess Ecclestone






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1. What are you most passionate about professionally? Personally?

I am passionate about connection, It drives me into everything I do in life. Weather its physical, emotional, spiritual or all of the above! You name it I love to connect!

2. What’s a goal you have for yourself that you want to accomplish in the next year?

To use the word sorry less and replace it with conversation. as a true Canadian I say the word to much!

3. If we went to happy hour what would you order?

I am a presecco girl through and through that and apples I LOVE food! the best conversations begin around good food!

4. How do you want people to remember you?

I want to literally touch peoples hearts, I have always been told I care to much. I really do, I want people to feel, seen heard and special. If I can support someone by taking the load off physically or mentally then I feel accomplished. I really do like helping people along their journey, in anyway I can.

5. Name a few of your daily habits, other than a shower and brushing your teeth ;)

I love to listen to music and jam in my car, I like to get my heart pumping by hitting a work out class I am addicted to energetic souls that bring it.