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Joy Hodgson

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What are you most passionate about professionally? Personally?

About Safe space. Inclusivity. The freedom, comfort, and inspiration to explore and grow.  Advocacy, inclusivity, exploring gender concepts and their effect on our lives and sense of self. Learning; always learning!

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Name three words that you describe you: Feisty, caring, & indecisive.

If we went to happy hour what would you order?
— A crazy cocktail! The weirder, the better, especially if it's made with gin. Happy hour is a great time to practice trying new things!
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What would be your personal motto?

ALWAYS choose kindness. No matter what decision you make, if it is borne of kindness, it will be the right one.
— Joy Hodgson
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A few of my daily habits, Morning and bedtime snuggles with my kitty, going for at least a small walk outside, sending good morning messages to all my favourite people.

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